Self-Service Advertising
How it Works
Easy way to create your own online ads!

Step 1: Create Your Ad

  • Upload your own ad or choose from our extensive, free-to-use ad library
  • Customize a pre-made advertisement from the library with the easy-to-use customization tool
  • Upload and use your own logo within an ad
  • Choose colors and images you think will work best
  • Add your own text for the biggest impact
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Step 2: Target Sites

  • Target one or all Spark Network sites
  • Speak directly to an affluent audience interested in your industry
  • Choose from a wide variety of sites, audiences and locations
  • Log in any time to track the effectiveness of your campaign and make adjustments on the fly
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Step 3: Choose Your Spending Level

  • Enter your daily budget, and we'll let you know how many impressions your ad will receive based on your custom targeting options
  • Set your budget for as little as $50/day
  • No fees, commissions, markups or other hidden charges
  • Use your credit card for easy checkout
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